“HimTermoSintezBel” Co.,Ltd is one of the main suppliers of industrial and technological equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and outside the country. We are glad to offer you wide range of production at competitive prices.

Our clients are enterprises of different ownership and industrial sectors – heavy, oil and gas, chemical and energy industries, etc. We carry out deliveries for enterprises of housing and communal services, heat-and-power engineering and water industry.

Working individually with every client our specialists always help you to choose necessary equipment that will meet all your requirements and also give consultation regarding technical characteristics of equipment and offer the most appropriate variant of payment. We ensure the fulfillment of delivery on time, support and warranty and post-warranty service of all equipment and also supply all necessary spare details for efficient maintenance and modernization.

“HimTermoSintezBel” Co.,Ltd has established reputation of a reliable partner and scope of its activity becomes wider from year to year. Today we are cooperating efficiently not only with national but also foreign companies.

We are glad to answer to all your questions concerning our equipment and ready to consider business proposal regarding reciprocal cooperation.

223051, Республика Беларусь, Минская обл.,
Минский р-н, пос. Колодищи,
ул. Минская, д.5, офис 325

тел./факс +375 17 508 18 20 / +375 17 508 16 13

Мобильные телефоны:

+375 29 690-72-62
+375 29 865-72-62


ООО «ХимТермоСинтезБел» реализует: воздухоразделительные установки, горелочное устройство, насосы для сжиженного газа, purolite, сульфоуголь СК и СМ, фильтры ФИПа, колосниковая решетка, катионит КУ-2-8, анионит АВ-17-8, активированный уголь БАУ-А, хлорная известь, хлорамин Б, комплексонат, трилон, lewatit, газовые горелки для котлов, печь.